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Project Goals

The CCDLIB project wants to supply developers of astronomical image processing software with a highly sophisticated algorithm library. It was initiated by a group of german amateur astronomers and is strongly based on Georg Ditties CCDLIB.

Mailing List

For communication we have a mailing list. At the moment the default language is german (as only german developers are working on the project now), but in the future we can switch to english. So you should not harm to join the list, even if you don't speak german.


Please notice that the versions we provide here are in a very early stage and don't even run on our own computers :-)! The sourcecode of CCDLIB is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License.


ccdlib-0.9.3.tgz (50 kB, 15.04.1999, RS) (53 kB, 15.04.1999, RS)
A major cleanup by Marcus Spranger.

ccdlib-0.9.2.tgz (56 kB, 11.04.1999, RS) (59 kB, 11.04.1999, RS)
Patches by Marcus Spranger and Georg Dittie added.

ccdlib-0.9.1.tgz (53 kB, 10.04.1999, RS) (53 kB, 11.04.1999, RS)
A slightly patched version, mainly to eliminate some gcc warnings

ccdlib-0.9.0.tgz (34 kB, 10.04.1999, RS) (34 kB, 11.04.1999, RS)
The original CCDLIB, written by Georg Dittie

Third Party Software

Here we have some interesting stuff, written by other people and GPLed, which can sometimes in the future find it's way into CCDLIB:

COFAP library by OES GmbH (Windoof ZIP archive, 318kB)

A Windows 95/NT binary version of the GNU diff utility can be found here. To generate a valid diff file use "diff -u oldfile newfile" on a DOS commandline and redirect the output to a file.

diff.exe (103 kB, 11.04.1999, RS)

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