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About the Book

Linux is beginning to evolve as an established solution for Microcontrollers, Controll Loops, PLCs and Human Machine Interfaces. Open communication standards, the ability to operate in networks, hard realtime requirements and modern graphical user interfaces are the technical highlights. But there are also other arguments which make the system attractive:

  • the same development environment for all languages and processors
  • no license costs, neither for development nor for runtime environments
  • because of the open sources extremely longterm available

This handbook describes the basic Linux technologies for industrial applications to beginners and developers who have worked with other systems. It was written as a guide for using Linux in Embedded Systems. The following topics are discussed:

  • Basics: licences, architecture and hardware plattforms
  • Test environment: system start, kernel, root filesystem, system tools
  • Development tools: editing and compiling of sourcecode, debugging and in-system programming
  • Software components: communication, hardware access, signal processing
  • Realtime variants

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