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Publications in Magazines

During the last years I have written some publications about "Linux for Industrial Applications":

Dangerous driver development kits
Linux-Magazin 11/2000

Embedded Distributions
Linux-Magazin 03/2001

Trade show review of the SPS/IPC/Drives 2000
Linux Magazin 02/2001

Leading article of the special edition Embedded Systems Trade Show 2001
Linux-Magazin 02/2001

No space for experiments - Embedded Linux in Industry
Computerwoche Spezial, Issue 2/2001

Realtime with Linux and RTAI [PDF, 135 kB]
Elektronik , Issue 7/2002

Embedded-Linux at Hannover Fair 2002 [PDF, 60 kB]
Elektronik, Issue 12/2002

Zukunftssicher mit Linux / ARM [PDF, 100 kB]
Elektronik "World of Embedded ARM", Issue February 2003

Next Generation Hard Realtime on POSIX based Linux [PDF, 86 kB]
Embedded Control Europe, issue July 2006

Online Papers

Embedded Linux Position Paper - An overview of Linux as an operating system for industrial applications (German only)

PTXdist Proposal - A proposal how to make a sophisticated Linux userland build system

RTnet Overview Talk
k.e.n.n. 11.12.2003

Wireless Networking Talk
k.e.n.n. 11.12.2003


Robert Schwebel: Embedded Linux, vme buch Verlag AG, Bonn, September 2001, ISBN 3-8266-0723-6

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