Investigation of an analog digital converter based on the
sigma delta principle

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Sigma Delta technology was a relatively new method of converting analogue to digital signals at the begining of the project. Common applications have been audio systems mobile communication systems.

During this student's project it should be investigated if the low cost Sigma/Delta ADC MAX110 by Maxim was good enough for measurement applicatiuons. Features as large resolution and strong noise shaping due to oversampling methods make these converters interesting for this task.

Parts of the project:

Development of a computer interface (RS232) for the MAX110 based on a microcontroller (8031)
Development of assembler software for the interface
Selection of a portable solution for the PC part of the interface
Visualization of the data with Gnuplot
Analysis of the data with Perl DL and visualization with PGPLOT / PGPERL .

Supervisor: AOR Dr.-Ing Dieter Huhnke

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