On these pages you find some information about myself, what I'm doing and what I'm interested in.

Please feel free to contact me at the email address given below if you have questions. I'm strongly interested in getting contact to other people who are currently working on projects dealing with amateur astronomical CCD cameras operated under linux, the measurement of the earth's (and other planets') magnetic field, optical spectroscopy and embedded computing with linux.

If you are interested in my professional activities please have also a look at the homepage of my company:


2002/08/06: New proposal for a Linux userland build system
2002/01/29: Forgot to announce the page for my book Embedded Linux
2001/09/20: Some updates on the electronics page
2000/09/01:, a portal site for Linux in Automation Industry is online!
2000/04/27: A snapshot of the experimental homepage for PDL is online.
2000/04/17: Free Spectroscopy software project PenguMetrics is online!
2000/03/15: Violau registration form is online!
2000/02/27: Update of curriculum vitae; Micro Flowcell page added
2000/02/05: Update of Violau 2000 pages
1999/12/01: Update of Violau 2000 pages
1999/10/19: Complete redesign of the server with WML
1999/10/15: The preparation page for the Violau 2000 conference is online!

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