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uClibc patch for LSH

Even on small embedded systems securety is an important issue. That's why I have ported the SSH implementation LSH by Niels Möller to uClibc, a small and compact C library.

As long as this patch is not part of the official distribution it can be found on this page.

The patch (MD5sum: abb88f50cd2c84e5175cf7020ee647fd)
The sources of LSH version 1.2.5

uClibc patch for flash

flash is a menue shell which was developed with security in mind. Flash can be used as a login shell for a user, who shall only be able to do restricted actions from the menue. To achieve security it is necessary to audit externally called programs.

The patch for flash-0.9.5 (MD5sum: 6c9e1f2ff02655e1879c64085accad7c)

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