Curriculum Vitae (sorry - german only)


17.07.1972 in Böblingen

Places of Residence:

1972 to 1993: in D-34376 Holzhausen am Rheinhardswald (Stadt Immenhausen), about 15 kilometers north of Kassel

1993 to 1999: in D-38108 Braunschweig

1999 to 2001: in D-24114 Kiel

since 2001: in D-31134 Hildesheim


1979 to 1983: Grundschule Immenhausen/Holzhausen (Primary School)

1983 to 1992: Friedrichsgymnasium in Kassel (Grammar School).


1992 to 1993: Basic military service in a radio repair company in Frankenberg/Eder; afterwards working in a communications service unit in Fuldatal Rothwesten.


WS 1993 to SS 1999: Studies of Electrical Engineering and Geophysics at the Technical University of Braunschweig . Graduated after 12 semesters with "Diplomingenieur Elektrotechnik" (electrical engineer) (30.09.1999).


1995 to 1997: Student worker at the computing centre of the TU Braunschweig (writing of beginners' documentation for workstation users, administration of the web pages of the consulting service)

1997: Student worker for the Institute for Railway and Transportation Safety (administration of the web pages of the Department of Airtraffic Safety)

1998: Student worker for the Department of Electrical Measurement and Basic Electronics (redesign of a student's lab about measurement electronics)

1998/99: Practical work in the Department of Geophysics at Metronix GmbH. Redesign of a low frequency measurement amplifier and of the electromechanics of a induction coil magnetometer to achieve better noise performance and optimized automated manufacturing process. Development of calibration hardware and calibration process in Magnetsrode, a magnetic laboratory in Braunschweig.

Since 1999: Freelancing work as a development engineer and author of several publications dealing with Linux in industrial applications.

1999 to 2001: Development Engineer for Zeutec Optoelektronik GmbH in Rendsburg. Development of soft- and hardware for On Line quality control system (image processing, spectroscopy) for the process industry.

Since 2001: Founding of Pengutronix, a company which develops Linux based measurement solutions for science and industry.


Astronomy: I'm mostly interested in the planets of our solar system and everything related to CCD cameras and image processing. At the Public Observatory Rothwesten I'm organizing observation evenings for the public. Besides that I'm an active member of the GvA, an amateur astronomers' organisation in Kiel.

Electronics: My job is also my hobby.

Sports: Dancing (standard, latin), a little bit of weight training and running.

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