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My first contact with the WWW was in 1995, only a short time after the W3C had published the HTML-2.0 standard. Our university was proud of it's gopher server and was connected to the rest of the world with two 64kBit lines.

In 1996 it was clear that the Rechenzentrum (computer centre) of the Technical University of Braunschweig was way to unflexible to follow the technical progress. Most of the pages offered were taken from the old gopher service, the contents were not up to daten as well as the optical appearance. Based on a user initiative the idea came to my mind to redesign the webpages of the consulting service of the RZ, which was done by Jochen Felzmann and myself. First this was just for fun, later it was payed by the RZ.

During the whole time I developed my own homepage in parallel. In 1998 I've set up the data structures for the web pages of the Department of Safety in Airway Traffic of the Institute of Railway and Transport Safety. This was according to the corporate design of the institute and was my first project with frames.

In 1999 I was searching for a way having the advantages of frames (common menues on all pages) without the disadvantages. A first revision of my homepage was done with server side includes. Then I found WML, the Website Meta Language. At the time of writing this seems to be the solution for all of my problems. What you see here is the result of a 24 hours redesign of the complete homepage. The corporate design for all pages is changeble in central files, images are kept in central directories and English and German pages are constructed from the same source. This solution works without having any specialities on the web server and becomes mirrored from the local host to the server with sitecopy.


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