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Violau Today Archive

Violau is a small village in Bavaria (southern Germany) with a very comfortable conference centre, where the german amateur planetary observers hold their annual conferences at Whitsun.

The conference

About 100 observers come to the violau conference every year, some with their whole family, to listen to or give talks, participate in workshops and discuss all aspects of planetary or cometary observation.

Mailing List

A mailing list for communication between the conference participants as well as between planetary and cometary observers in general is the Planetenbeobachter mailing list. If you want to become a member of this list please send an empty mail to planeten-request@pengutronix.de.

As the language on this list is mostly german you could also have a look on the MEPCO homepage, which is the international counterpart of this conference.

Violau Today

Here you will find some of the conference newsletters we produce somedays late at night to keep everybody informed what's going on. According to the special style of most articles I don't think it is possible to translate them to the english language, but if you are a volunteer I strongly recommend you to contact me.

Download the PDF papers here :