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C/2021 A1 Leonard bei M3

Robert Schwebel | | astro

Seit ein paar Wochen gewinnt der Komet C/2021 A1 Leonard gehörig an Fahrt, und da vor ein paar Tagen vermehrt Beobachtungsberichte eingegangen sind, habe ich vor ein paar Tagen mal geschaut, wo der eigentlich steht und ob man ihn leicht erreichen kann.

Solar Eclipse, 2021-06-10

Robert Schwebel, Jan Schwebel | | Astro

Today there was a partial solar eclipse (in fact an angular one, visible from i.e. Canada and Greenland), with a maximal phase of about 20%. We used the opportunity to let the pupils at Waldorfschule Hildesheim have a look.

Homepage reworked

Robert Schwebel |

My homepage hasn't been touched in the last 20 years (the real content went to www.pengutronix.de during that time); but now that my colleague Florian Scherf has written a nice static site generator (Flamingo) that makes it possible to write content in Restructured Text, I've migrated the www.schwebel.de content.

Violau Today Archive


Violau is a small village in Bavaria (southern Germany) with a very comfortable conference centre, where the german amateur planetary observers hold their annual conferences at Whitsun.

Embedded Linux Publications from the earlie 2000s

Robert Schwebel | | Embedded Linux

In this blogpost, I've collected a set of my embedded linux related publications from the early 2000s.

The Proof: Bielefeld doesn't exist!

Robert Schwebel |

We have known this for a long time, but here is another proof that Bielefeld doesn't exist and THEY want to let us know!

AKP Planetary Database

Robert Schwebel | | Astro

This is a prototype for an amateur planetary image database for the Arbeitskreis Planetenbeobachter of the VdS, which was developed at the Violau Planetary Observers' conference 1999:

Ein Overheadfolien-Modell rund um die Venus

Erfahrungen mit Astronomie-Arbeitsgemeinschaften in den Klassen 5 bis 10 haben gezeigt, wie schwierig es für die Schüler oft ist, sich die Bewegungen der Planeten vorzustellen und diese mit den am Himmel beobachteten Erscheinungen in Verbindung zu bringen. Das hier beschriebene Modell wurde mit einer Unterstufen-AG erarbeitet.

Linux drivers for astronomical CCD cameras (LcCCD14)

Robert Schwebel | | Astro

This is a hardware module for operating the OES LcCCD14 astronomical camera on Linux systems with kernel 2.0.X. As this is a very early release please read carefully the information provided in the


Robert Schwebel | | Astro

The CCDLIB project wants to supply developers of astronomical image processing software with a highly sophisticated algorithm library. It was initiated by a group of german amateur astronomers and is strongly based on Georg Ditties CCDLIB.